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AF-6950 (Stainless Steel)

    ◎ Suitable for fixing the outdoor installation of digital TV antenna
    ◎ All-stainless steel material with features of rigid structure and elegant appearance
    ◎ Cone-shape chassis suitable for various installation environments without space occupation
    ◎ Vertical and high tube which is able to resist heavy rain and strong winds
    ◎ Applicable for a variety of constructions and project engineering

  • Product Specifications

    ModelAF-6950(stainless steel)
    MaterialSUS304 stainless steel
    Contents of the packageUnit (including accessories) and Instruction Manual

    Packing Specification

    AF-6950(stainless steel)1Product (including accessories)
    User Manual1English
    Packing Box1Neutral Packing
    Size of Color Box:48.5X13.5X5cm
    Box Size1Size of Packing Box:50X43X23cm
    Box Weight:13.14kg(12 units)
    ◎ To any variation of color or appearance of the product specifications, the real goods shall prevail