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F-5000 squeeze type connector

Model F-5000
    ◎ Compression connector of RG-6 (5C) F-type
    ◎ Applicable for RG-6 (5C) coaxial cable connector
    ◎ Waterproof, anti-radio leakage, and anti-interference
    ◎ Nickel-plated brass structure designed with tension strengthened
    ◎ Can be used with T-5159 crimping tools

  • Product Specifications

    Transmission Bandwidth5 ~ 3000MHz
    Matching75Ω, RG-6 CONNECTOR
    MaterialNickel-plated brass

    Packing Specifications

    Compression ConnectorBody
    PE Plastic BagNeutral packing
    Size of PE plastic bag: *** cm
    Packing Box1Size: *** cm
    Weight:***kg(*** units/ box)
    ◎ To any variation of color or appearance of the product specifications, the real goods shall prevail